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How to: Arrange art

Are you tired of those boring bare walls but don't know how to fill them? Do you want to master how to arrange art? Arranging art can be tough -... [Read More]

Intoducing the Slim Aarons Collection

Welcome to the glamorous world of Slim Aarons Slim Aarons served as a photographer for the US military magazine Yank during World War two. Unsurprisingly, he ended his service with a... [Read More]

Maximising Space in the Home

If you live in flat or an apartment, or simply just want to get more out of a small room, there's lot you can do to create the feel of more... [Read More]

The Design Guide

Are you about to embark on a redesign? Or maybe you've just moved house and thinking of going for a contemporary look? Or perhaps you want your living room to... [Read More]