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February Showcase - Playboy Original Covers

Posted on February 26 2014

Welcome to our February showcase – this month we’re featuring a selection of vintage Playboy magazine covers that will add a bit of historic sophistication wherever you choose to display them. Widely considered to be among the long-running publication’s greatest covers, each one has its own unique story to tell about society and culture both then, and now.

While they make great conversation pieces on their own, there are a myriad of ways to combine them for larger presentations. With publication dates ranging from 1957 to 1986, a chronologically sequenced display along the walls of a hallway would be an entertaining way to show off these vestiges of classic design. Alternatively, covers depicting similar styles of design throughout the years can also be presented together to great effect.

Whether you want to add some iconography to the walls of your den or above your bar, or simply spruce up your man cave a bit, these classic covers are an excellent way to do it. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

Playboy Original Cover – November 1957

The earliest cover in the collection, this classic Playboy cover features the distinct style of illustration that often graced the magazine’s covers during this time period. Articles about poker, bullfighting, jazz, and Hollywood feuds stand out predominantly next to the design graphic, and the large ‘50 cent’ price tag in the upper corner helps to convey its vintage appeal.

This cover would be well accompanied by the October 1958 cover or the June 1960 cover, which both feature the same illustrative style, as well as colours that complement each other nicely.

Playboy Original Cover – February 1963

The February 1963 cover is another superb example of Playboy’s iconic illustrative designs, this time featuring an excellent stylisation of cover girl Cheryl Lampley. Also depicted on the cover is this issue’s notable highlight – a piece entitled “Sinatra Speaks His Mind,” which helps to date the cover, and works with the artwork to set it within its own place and time.

This cover looks great next to both the February 1968 cover and the January 1959 cover. Their similar styles of illustration work together with their respective colours to create a subtle, yet colourful display.

Playboy Original Cover – January 1974

Playboy’s January 1984 cover is a simple, classic cover depicting the famous Playboy logo for the magazine’s 20th anniversary edition. Simple, yet bold, this cover gives a nod to the classic illustrated cover designs of years past while maintaining an understated look.

This cover goes exceptionally well with the January 1986 cover, which features the same logo but with bright, vibrant colours to celebrate Playboy’s holiday anniversary issue. The July 1960 cover would also help to add colour and depth to an arrangement including the January 1984 and January 1986 covers.

Playboy Original Cover – November 1965

Playboy’s November 1965 issue was a ‘Bond girl special,’ dedicated to the women of the James Bond movies, and featured an exciting, spy-themed photo of Pat Russo on the cover. This issue also included a special interview with Sean Connery. Indeed, the November 1965 issue of Playboy magazine is still celebrated by fans of the Bond series today.

The November 1960 and November 1967 covers both go well with this spy-themed issue of Playboy. They feature similarly styled, photographic cover art which expands upon the November 1965 issue’s ‘mystery woman’ theme.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short tour through our February showcase, and encourage you to view the entire selection of Playboy original covers. When framed and displayed, they become much more than just magazine covers – each has its own story to tell of its own time in history, and the history of the iconic Playboy brand.


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