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You Can't Have Personality Without the "Personal"

Posted on March 07 2014

Designers - clothing, fabric, furniture or graphic, homeowners, and artistic types of all sorts, meet Bespoke. Bespoke already knows you! They offer a unique answer to personalising any space with customised fabric. Use a photo, a sketch, or your own graphic design and Bespoke will transform it by printing it on gorgeous fabric.

The possibilities are brilliant! Imagine taking a photo from a favourite holiday and making it the centre piece of your bedroom or sitting room with pillows? Do you need a gift for an upcoming wedding anniversary? Find a special photo of the couple or an image that is significant to them and have it transferred onto leather or silk. Traditional anniversaries mark the third anniversary with leather and the twelfth anniversary with silk. The modern anniversaries note the ninth anniversary with leather and the thirteenth anniversary with textiles. Have the fabric framed, turn it into a pillow, use it as the centre piece of a quilt or simply give the couple the fabric and let them decide how best to put it to use. Modern or traditional, the couple will love the fact that you did not try to carve them a wooden plaque commemorating the date.

Bespoke will print your image on canvas, faux silk, faux suede and leather in an incredibly short turn-around time. With a little imagination, you can create a highly personalised atmosphere in your home or office.

Create a modern feel with an image repeated over metres of canvas and applied to a focal wall in a nursery, sitting room or study. Even if you rent your space, this is an option, simply use liquid starch to apply to the wall. When you are ready to move, peel off the fabric and rinse it out carefully and you can use it again!

If you long for a traditional garden year-round, why not print a gorgeous floral photo onto faux silk and make Roman blinds or simple drapes for your front window?

Fashion designers and home seamstresses alike can solidify their brand with a print made exclusively for them. This approach could also serve charities looking to distinguish themselves - canvas bags with a limited-edition, custom-designed logo on the front.

Does your sitting room need a defining piece of furniture? Put Bespoke to work in helping you create a custom ottoman using their work or your own. It’s a small investment you will use for years and years to come.

 If you are feeling ambitious, why not make Mum and Dad’s anniversary party extra special by creating seat covers with a photo of the main guests rather than using boring old placards? The guests can either leave with a souvenir or Mum and Dad can recover their own dining room with pictures of their family and closest friends. Unforgettable!

If you have been searching for art, you might have it right inside your computer. Let Bespoke print an image on your choice of fabric, have it framed and you have an immediate masterpiece.

Your imagination is the only limitation. If you need further prompts, go to Pinterest and search Bespoke fabric. If the results do not inspire you to create your own masterpiece, you need a nap! Look what you can do if you have some leftover fabric!

For those of you without the time, inspiration or desire to create your own design, check out Bespoke's shop. You can buy beautiful, high quality prints to suit any decor or event. And, you will still earn style points!

Professionals and regular people alike will delight in the possibilities opened up by custom-made fabrics.


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