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Bring the outside inside just in time for winter with these amazing nature wallpapers and blinds. The UK is enjoying some warm and sunny weather at the moment, but without sounding too negative let’s not forget that winter is looming and he sun is already setting earlier each day. There’s still plenty of summer to enjoy of course, it is only July after all, but now is the perfect time to start planning in advance how to make your winter more bearable. Just because we’re stuck indoors so much of the winter doesn’t mean we have to go without seeing nature, not anymore anyway.
Take a look at these ways of bringing the outdoor world indoors this winter:
Custom Printed Wallpaper - Supplying all of the Centre Parcs lodges in the UK for the last 7 years with this fantastic forest image, 55MAX has often completed 800 lodges in a year! This image was hand selected by world famous Interior Designer Tara Bernard who was asked to oversee and update the Centre Parcs lodges to give them a more luxurious, contemporary feel. The forest wallpaper gives each lodge a really unique, wow finish.  
Private Residence - Birdsong Wallpaper, designed and drawn in-house by our Creative team. From £45 per square metre.
Birds of Paradise is exclusive to 55MAX. You can choose it as a wallpaper, print, vinyl, fabric or roller blind. Designed in-house by one of our talented artists. Wallpaper from £45 per square meter, prints are available in a variety of frames or you can choose the print only option. We can make any changes to the design as per your preferences as all designs will be artworked for the space and product chosen. Fully customisable to your space so please get in touch to talk through your requirements.
This is one of our own customer's images printed on to roller blind. It turns a plain bathroom window in to a view of the sea!
Tree Shadows by Paul Cooklin - Tall forest with trees creating shadows on the ground. By fine art photographer Paul Cooklin.
Beautiful Silhouette Sunset at Tropical Sea - Beautiful Landscape Silhouette Sunset - Tropical Beach and Sea Nature Photograph Print 
Coconut Tree, Havana by Paul Cooklin - Coconut Trees, Santa Maria Beach, Havana, Cuba  - Black and White photography by Paul Cooklin