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How to: Arrange art

Posted on September 23 2015

Are you tired of those boring bare walls but don't know how to fill them? Do you want to master how to arrange art? Arranging art can be tough - in fact, even picking art can be tough! Sometimes the hardest part is narrowing it down as there's so much good artwork to choose from. 

Artwork works in many ways - sometimes it works because of a white wall, sometimes it works because of complete symmetry and sometimes it works because all of the pieces could not possibly differ more! We can learn a lot about doing it ourselves.

Here's how to get your home feeling like a gallery in no time! And remember, if at first you don't succeed - take it down and try something different! Before you start hammering nails into the wall, why not do a little planning first? Decide which pieces of artwork you want on the wall, then trace their shapes onto paper. Cut out the shapes and experiment with various placements. 

The Gallery effect 

Start with a central, dominant image. Once you have placed that, you can then radiate other pieces outwards and upwards around the central piece. Try using artwork that hangs together well - look for similar colours, tones and themes.

Alternatively a collection can be arranged in a symmetrical grid pattern of frames to take on the appearance of art. This often works by getting the right balance between height and width. Some might be wider than they are taller and vice-versa, and some might fit into a perfect large square. Put up painter's tape to mark your boundaries and then put up the frames within it to get this effect.     

Using canvas prints? Grouping frameless stretched canvases together gives a just enough of a feeling of uniformity.


 Go against the rules

Rules are meant to be broken! Who says art needs to be centred over a sofa or a fireplace? By off centring a piece of artwork, the entire composition can become much wider and more powerful. Instead of centring, think balance.


Off the wall


Have you run out of wall space? Or just looking for a unique way to display art? Try placing art on bookshelves, in display cabinets, on top of mantelpieces or other unexpected spots. 









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