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55MAX is the Cure for Winter Doldrums

Posted on February 28 2014

It is February, gloomy and cold outside, and your eyes tend to wander rather critically about your home. Walls that seemed, last year, to be fresh and lively now reek of the doldrums. You could paint them, of course, but we’re talking plain color there. You want something outstanding and very, well, un-boring. We here at 55 Max of London have a website guaranteed to wow you. The products we offer are the epitome of creativity.

55MAX is the Cure for Winter Doldrums
Along with blinds, fabrics and other photographic gifts, our website features custom wall covering. Wallpaper. The concept is novel. You choose an image, either from our extensive library or one of your own, tell us the size of the walls you want treated, and we will design and print a custom paper for you. Of course, we give you a proof first, before we print anything out, so the process is risk-free. The papers are all high quality, with heavy-weight finishes that make them durable. Browsing our showcase is like walking the aisles of a virtual art gallery. 
The Classic collection offered by 55 Max uses 300 GSM paper. That measure, in grams per metre, indicates a paper just below card stock in thickness. This collection starts at £45 per square metre, The most popular finish is slightly textured and vinyl coated, but you can get the classic papers in a totally smooth semi-matt finish, too. They are all completely washable. Some of the papers are designed to look like picture frames and would turn your home into an art gallery. One of the featured wall coverings in the Classic line is a house-designed “Birdsong” pattern that is soothing and whimsical. Another, “Birds of Paradise” features stunning large, bright-coloured birds that would be wonderful to wake up to.

55MAX is the Cure for Winter Doldrums
The Robust Water Resistant Wallpaper is 400 GSM and is covered in a matt laminate. The paper is durable enough for a bathroom or kitchen, and is completely washable. It costs a bit more: £65 a square metre, but the ability to design a bath that is your “signature” piece is worth a bit extra. One of the patterns featured in our showcase shows a black-and –white railroad track stretching away from the viewer. In front of the wall, in the example, is a bath tub. The image is striking enough to be framed in a gallery.

Doodle Write On Paper is £65 a square meter, but this is the best of the best for a child’s room. Imagine being able to write on the walls any time you wanted to. This wallpaper has a laminate finish that allows users to doodle away with dry-erase markers. The paper can be printed or left plain for a child to redesign every day. There is functionality here as well. This wall paper can be used on office or meeting-room walls so that notes and concepts can be put up for everyone to view. There is a plain magnetic underliner that can be purchased separately (at £ 40 a square metre) which allows magnets to be used with the Doodle On wall.

Our most luxurious offering at 55 Max is the Metallic Silver or Gold Wall Paper. This is 350 GSM and £80 a square metre, but it offers real sophistication for the designer. The reflective finish is especially breath-taking over architectural photo images. As with the other papers, this wall covering can be wiped clean.

Just browsing our 55 Max showcase does a lot to rid one of the winter blahs. Imagine what creating a custom, signature wall paper from a favourite image would do for your outlook.


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