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Bespoke Wallpaper - More Fabulous Creations

Posted on November 04 2014

If you know 55Max, you will know we don't do average. We don't design average wallpaper you find at the local D.I.Y store, we design truly stunning and bespoke paper, designed and printed to your specification. Our wallpaper is 100% guaranteed to dramatically transform any space. 

You may already be aware of some of our previous creations - like our bespoke wallpaper designs for Sera Hersham-Loftus and our creation for Mitchells Barbers.

                                More Fabulous Creations for Bespoke Wallpaper from 55MAX              Bespoke Wallpaper Designs from 55MAX

But it doesn't stop there - We are committed in continuing our quest to produce even more extra special creations. Working with some fabulous clients and interior designers, here are a few more of our designs to add a little inspiration for the interior designer in you.

Let's start with one of our exclusive wallpaper designs. Our Opium collection magnetic wallpaper is one of a kind and is a favourite here at 55MAX. Whether it's the gold leaf wallpaper in rouge, the gold metallic wallpaper or blue gold metallic wallpaper - each design is beautiful in creation. Just check out the striking detail on the blue gold metallic wallpaper below.

Bespoke Wallpaper Designs from 55MAX


Thom Sweeney Tailors asked 55Max to transform their showroom. We love a project we can get stuck in to and decided to give this bespoke, upmarket tailors an edge by creating this amazing rock and roll collection wallpaper. It can be yours too for £45 per Sq Metre.

Bespoke Wallpaper Designs from 55MAX         Bespoke Wallpaper Designs from 55MAX

We also worked closely with an interior designer to design and produce artwork for a contemporary property development in the very fashionable area of Notting Hill, London. As well as producing canvases, mirror frames and gallery frames, we also designed wallpaper to specifically tie in with the feel of the area.

Bespoke Wallpaper Designs from 55MAX

      Bespoke Wallpaper Designs from 55MAX

And just to show you how diverse we really are, check out this write on magnetic wallpaper we installed into a corporate office meeting room. Not only great for the office, this wallpaper will also make a fantastic feature for classrooms and children's playrooms. You can write all over this wallpaper with dry wipe pens and then wipe it clean again thanks to a special laminate coating. The one that we installed for a corporate office space in Canary Wharf is also combined with a magnetic underline paper to make the write-on wall magnetic too.

Bespoke Wallpaper Designs from 55MAX

So whether you want to use your own imagery or are inspired by our bespoke collection, give 55MAX a call. All you need to do is send us your wall size and we will do the rest. Transforming a room couldn't be easier. Keep your eyes peeled for more collections coming soon.


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