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Bold, Dramatic and Inspired Bespoke Wallpapers

Posted on May 07 2014

We’ve been working up to some extra special creations that we’re dying to show you! You’ve seen how a bold, inspired wallpaper can dramatically enhance a space, and how the shining team of 55MAX Artists and Designers can expertly create bespoke frames for all sorts of images and environments. Now we’d like to combine those ideas. Construction customized spaces is a 55MAX specialty, and the bespoke wallpapers shown here are some excellent examples of how bold aesthetics can dramatically impact the atmosphere of any interior.

Bold and Dramatic Art Work from 55MAX

Sera Hersham-Loftus Interiors – Bespoke Wallpaper

Working with Sera Hersham-Loftus is a pure delight! She’s a magnificently talented Interior Designer, and we love that the 55MAX Rock ‘n’ Roll wallpaper is displayed in her supremely stylish home. Not only that, but she has also used it in some of the homes and entertainment spaces of her eminent clients.

Every square meter of our Rock ‘n’ Roll wallpaper is dedicated to timeless icons. Just as the world of show business is a continuous landscape highlighted by brilliant artists and eternal moments, so too is this bespoke wallpaper. Each distinct image inspires the images around it and the viewer before it, and each tells its own extraordinary story in its own inimitable way.

Whether you wish to bring the atmosphere of Rock ‘n’ Roll iconography to a dedicated entertainment venue, a stimulating retail space, or an inspiring wardrobe, this wallpaper is perfect. Expertly crafted to feature each individual piece while infusing the room with the product of their synergy, this wallpaper is a famous example of the incredible artistry that 55MAX team brings to each project.

Bold and Dramatic Art Work from 55MAX

Mitchells Barbers – Bespoke Wallpaper & Frames

55MAX bespoke wallpapers aren’t only concerned with image, a fact that is demonstrated by the custom designed waterproof wallpaper created for Mitchells Barbers. Not only does this wallpaper employ a distinctly pronounced design, but it is also printed on durable, impermeable wallpaper.

The oversized houndstooth pattern is bold and arresting while still complementing the other design elements at work within this upscale Gentleman’s Barbers. It gives a professionally chic impression and it doesn’t distract from the other goings on in the room, making it an ideal design for this special environment in every possible way.

In keeping with the glamorous class of the shop, 55MAX also added the high-fashion spirit of Hollywood iconography encased in custom mirrored frames. Using these classic images in such relevant frames creates an ambience that couldn’t be better suited to the elegant upmarket establishment. They complement the patterned wallpaper wonderfully as well, working as exquisite highlights to its professional tone.

Bold and Dramatic Art Work from 55MAX

Thom Sweeney Tailors Showroom – Bespoke Wallpaper & Frames

Catering to an upscale market, The Thom Sweeney Tailors Showroom stands out from the standard tailor. 55MAX helps make that happen with the exciting Rock ‘n’ Roll collection wallpaper, which brings an ephemeral appeal to the ultra-chic space. The 55MAX bespoke wallpaper fits the height of fashion with perfection, and brings an unparalleled atmosphere to the environment.

From David Bowie to Evlis Presley and many, many more, the classic cultural superstars in 55MAX’s custom Rock ‘n’ Roll wallpaper bring a larger-than-life vibe to any room. Show business icons represent the crème of style in every possible way, and combining their shared elements in a visually striking yet superbly balanced collection is the top tier of retail room design.

We took the space a step even further with the introduction of Hollywood mirror frames. These additions feature imagery that perfectly complement the Rock ‘n’ Roll wallpaper, working with it to enhance the depictions both in the frames and on the walls. The dynamic frames are a dazzling addition to the scene, and they fit both the attitude of the wallpaper and the ambiance of the shop.

Our 55MAX team of Artists and Designers are renowned for their superior knowledge and talent. Expertly appealing to every client’s own sense of sophistication and style, the 55MAX team enchants each and every project with leading-edge attraction and elegant, refined design elements. We turn every space into a magical canvas, and infuse each room with scintillating atmosphere. Wherever the project may be, 55MAX is the ideal art house for bespoke interiors.Bold and Dramatic Art Work from 55MAX
Bold and Dramatic Art Work from 55MAX
Bold and Dramatic Art Work from 55MAX


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