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Posted on May 21 2014

Welcome to the first feature of our May showcase! Last month, we showed that surrounding the design of any room with the right wallpaper can dramatically alter and enhance the space. This time, we’d like to show you how surrounding an image with the right frame can create significant depth and appeal in the work as a whole. As you’ll see, the incredible 55MAX team of Artists and Designers works with both the images and their settings to ideally express each individual work, enriching the atmosphere of every space.

Enhance Your Artwork with 55MAX

Alexander Straulino By Trunk Archive Fashion Lips in Sandwich Acrylic Frame – Private Residence

Alexander Straulino, one of the many prestigious artists working with the famed Trunk Archive, often uses striking body paint to create beautiful works featuring stylized color manipulation. In this image, he uses angle, contrast and color to turn the balance of the models’ lips into a unique design. A depth is implied in the forms, but their profiles are markedly defined.

The Sandwich Acrylic frame adds real dimension to that implied depth while creating a magazine-style gloss that perfectly fits the theme of the work. The translucent frame is a great match for this particular image in terms of functionality, too. An opaque frame would be limiting for a subject that extends beyond the image and utilizes such large spaces of intense contrast around the edges.

Working with 55MAX to create a bespoke frame is the ideal solution for such large installations. As the size of the print increases, the availability of stock framing options rapidly decreases. 55MAX solves this problem by working with clients to design and create the best frame for each individual print and setting.

Fashion Photography with Bespoke Frame from 55MAX

Fashion Photography with Bespoke Frame – Private Residence

This high fashion Giclee print, a selection from the 55MAX Getty Contour Platinum Collection, is the work of world famous model-turned-photographer Elina Kechicheva. The sophistication of her style is apparent in this evocative print. Its elegant use of light and shadow allows the subjects to stand on their own while also working with the background to stylize the work as a whole.

The frame chosen for this print perfectly complements the tone of the image. The print’s black and white style employs dramatic contrast to highlight the arrangement of all the elements, and it is important that the frame perform the function of setting the image apart from its surroundings while not interfering with its intense use of light and shadow. In the case of this simple frame, less is not more – less is just right.

The level of artistry that goes into the editorial photography displayed here only requires that a frame allow the work to stand out on its own in the best possible way. The talented team of Artists and Designers at 55MAX has the knowledge and experience to expertly create bespoke frames that pair perfectly with a client’s ideal image.

Artwork in Mirror Frames with 55MAX

Artwork in Mirror Frames – The Dorchester Hotel

55MAX worked with interior designers Fox Linton to curate a collection of images for the newly redesigned meeting rooms in The Dorchester Hotel. Each image reflects the long history of this 5-star luxury hotel in a very literal way – the 55MAX team chose magnificent mirror frames for the prints, creating a dynamically stylish effect that contributes to the sophisticated atmospheres of the spaces.

The historic images share many similar qualities in terms of layout and tone, yet each depicts a unique and significant subject. In this situation, traditional frames would appear monotonous, while the mirror frames create a dynamic and unique display for each individual element. They make the images more than simply prints on a wall, allowing each depicted moment to stand out as it should amidst the heritage of the hotel.

Our mirror frames will bring that dynamic depth to any image with which they are used. They truly excel when they’re paired with black and white photography, but they can also have great effect when creatively combined with prints of various styles and colours. They’re offered in a variety of sizes, and 55MAX will also create bespoke mirror frames upon request.

As you can see we here at 55Max specialise in creating original frames that work with both the image and the setting to achieve a client’s desired overall effect. Bespoke frames are an ideal way to take advantage of our team’s design mastery, and we would love to add you to our long list of delighted clients! Enhance your artwork with 55MAX
Enhance your artwork with 55MAX
Enhance Your Artwork with 55MAX


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