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Enter ARTYOCT for 20% off all Art & SALE ITEMS - Limited Time Only. Free UK Shipping 

Enter ARTYOCT for 20% off all Art & SALE ITEMS - Limited Time Only. Free UK Shipping 

Slim Aarons Collection – Special Offer

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Photographer Slim Aarons famously said that he took photos of “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” He certainly did that and we are delighted that 55Max has access to the whole of his iconic collection. For a limited time only there is a 25% discount on all framed and unframed Slim Aarons art prints. 


Our speciality with the Slim Aarons collection is oversize prints by special permission of the curators. All our images are printed to highest quality and come with a certificate authenticity.

kaufmann desert house

Whether you are looking for images for your home, your next interior or project be sure to take a look at our selection on this site. If there is an image you cannot see please contact us as we have access to the complete collection. 

About Slim

Slim Aarons worked mainly for society publications, taking pictures of the rich and famous both before and after serving as a photographer during World War II. Slim shot for: Holiday, Town & Country, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Travel & Leisure and Life and was commissioned for ad campaigns by brands such as Ralph Lauren. Somewhere along the line Slim fell in love with beauty and had the eyes to see it, whether it was women or places or clothes, although he always insisted he was just doing his job.  

Buzios poolside

Slim was known and trusted by the people he photographed and was invited to high-society gatherings for exactly this reason. His subject matter covered American and European society as well as nobility and both minor and major stars of the day. He shot extensively at some of the more exotic locations throughout the US and Europe.

Underwater Drink

  Today Slim’s photos are still in high demand. We use them ourselves in our own art consultancy projects.