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Whiteboard Wallpaper

Our innovative whiteboard wallpapers transform your walls into a whiteboard surface. The special laminate coating on our whiteboard wallpapers can be combined with the self-adhesive magnetic underliner, creating an ingenious and truly interactive wall with no paste required! Transform your walls into amazing, multi-functioning spaces using our whiteboard wallpapers - perfect for offices, busy homes, kids' playrooms and schools.

Whether you need a whiteboard for presentations, conferences, training, meetings or group work, our whiteboard wallpapers can be used for brainstorming, explaining ideas and drawing up plans in any office setting. Our whiteboard wallpapers also make creative spaces in schools and nurseries more interactive for children, allowing them to exercise their artistic flair and demonstrate ideas in class quickly and easily. At home, our whiteboard wallpapers are ideal for giving your kids an outlet for their creative side without ruining your walls, or when playing board games like Pictionary, Telestrations and Cranium.

You can write on our whiteboard wallpapers with any dry whiteboard marker pen. The ink will not easily rub out if you use a permanent marker pen; if this happens, use alcohol or write over the markings with a dry marker pen before wiping clean to remove the ink. Ordinary flipchart pens can be used, but the ink will smear. For regular cleaning, we recommend using a non-abrasive cleaner and rinsing surfaces thoroughly with water after cleaning.

Our whiteboard wallpapers are ideal for schools and children’s nurseries; colleges and universities; serviced offices and business centres; hotels and conference centres; training providers and recruitment agencies; sport coaches and clubs; IT consultants; NHS and private hospitals; councils and local authorities and more.

Browse our collection of whiteboard wallpapers below: