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  • Art Prints for Properties from 55MAX
    Art for Property

    Posted on September 11 2018

    Using art as part of a marketing strategy for high-end homes is widespread across the globe but in London it has reached epic proportions, as developers seek to promote their...

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  • The Impact of Decent Frame with 55MAX
    The impact of decent frames

    Posted on March 21 2016

    Not only can a mirrored frame totally transform a space, it can serve countless purposes! No matter where you put one, a mirrored frame is an easy way to reflect...

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  • What Makes a Good Art Consultancy? 55MAX tells you
    What Makes a Good Art Consultancy?

    Posted on February 15 2016

    Offering a range of services across the arts world, art consultants can offer huge value to anyone looking to make an impact on the art scene, and use their expertise to help acquire...

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  • How to arrange Art with 55MAX, the leading Art Consultancy
    How to: Arrange art

    Posted on September 23 2015

    Are you tired of those boring bare walls but don't know how to fill them? Do you want to master how to arrange art? Arranging art can be tough -...

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