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Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay – Art Consultancy

Art Consultancy / art consultancy for hotels / Bespoke Art Commission / Slim Aarons

The wonderful new Nobu hotel, located on the beautiful shores of Talamanca Bay, is like nowhere else in Ibiza.

Quite apart from its charming beach setting everything about this hotel exudes quality and luxury, from its Royal and Presidential suites to the Garden rooms, restaurants and bars. This was the challenge that we faced; to match the art to the splendour of the setting and the sumptuous interiors. 

Working closely with the Owner and Interior Designer, the art consultancy brief was to source a series of images that would be in harmony with the colour palettes of whites, golds, blues and aqua, the soft furnishings of the luxurious suites, the floor to ceiling windows, wide open corridors and lift cores.

Beautiful suites and sumptuous interiors of the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

On this project, the sheer scale of the interior spaces presented a particular challenge in terms of size. We needed to ensure that the images were sized appropriately so that they were neither dwarfed by the setting nor too overwhelming. We sourced, sized and produced the artwork to a very high spec, making sure that all images were in balance with the interior and of course all on budget! 

Amongst the images we sourced were a few by renowned American photographer Slim Aarons. His reputation for “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places” led us to choose images that chime perfectly with the wide open, naturally lit, lift cores and the suites with wonderful views of Talamanca Bay. Images were sourced from worldwide artists and photographers, many were 55MAX exclusives. 

Slim Aarons Imagery from 55MAX

The Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay project was executed in two months, on budget and in time for the official opening in June 2017.