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Artist's Profile - Slim Aarons

Poolside Gossip by Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons was an American photographer most famous for his photos of socialites and celebrities.

Aarons was enlisted in the U.S. Army and started work at 18 years old as a photographer at West Point.  During World War II he was a combat photographer, and he was famously quoted as saying that the only beach worth landing on was "decorated with beautiful, seminude girls tanning in a tranquil sun”.

After the war Aarons moved to California and began photographing celebrities. On New Year’s Eve 1957 he shot “California Kings of Hollywood” depicting Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, and James Stewart relaxing at a bar in full formal wear.

At the height of his fame Slim Aaron's work appeared in Life Magazine, Town & Country, and a range of popular Holiday magazines. He made his career out of what he called "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places."  

One of the most famous examples of this approach is his 1970 photo “Poolside Gossip”, available right here on 55Max.  We have one of the largest collections of high quality Slim Aarons prints available anywhere!