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Art Consultancy, Monarch Offices, London

 For this Art Consultancy project we chose the 4 main key spaces around the office that desperately needed attention; with the intention of re-looking at the rest of the spaces once the main areas were filled. 

After providing multiple options with different price points for each space, the clients decided on our personal favourites - 6 bespoke commissions by the up and coming Sam Lock, an original Damien Hirst butterfly print & a set of 3 works by the Digital artist Rica Belna.

The reception area being the most prominent space we were inclined to spend a high proportion of the budget there, we were lucky enough to source an original Damien Hirst Screenprint of a Monarch butterfly. 

Locks distressed abstract work was a perfect fit for the companies manifesto and also for the spaces. Placing a series of 4 large artworks on the back wall in the main office, and then a diptych in the main meeting room. All linking in together, and making the journey from the reception and the Hirst flow throughout the office. 

In the second meeting room, they needed some artwork that would bring a bit more life to the place. Rica's work on Perspex Face Mount is perfect for this, with a clean and concise finish. 

  • Location: London
  • Number of spaces: 7 + 
  • Mediums: Bespoke Art Commissions & Bespoke Framing
  • Client: Monarch Alternative Capital Ltd