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Art Consultancy, Private Residence, St Tropez, France

This amazing project showcased a variety of artworks sourced and curated in both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The outdoor bar space has a curation of Slim Aarons prints in waterproof frames, plus a few more sourced vintage photographs. In the living room we sourced the butterfly piece by artist Nick Jeffrey, the artwork has mirror backing and clear perspex framing. For the large indoor living room space, we have sourced two oversized artworks by artist Robert Longo, we love his energetic and playful work. Bedrooms have artworks by Australian Artist Dina Broadhurst, Slim Aarons and 55MAX photographs. For the large wall space in the stairways, we sourced an oversized vintage film poster of Bridget Bardot. 


Location: St Tropez, France

  • Number of spaces: 10 + 
  • Mediums: Prints, Bespoke Framing & Sourced Artwork 
  • Client: Private