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Art Consultancy, Celtic House Office, Isle of Man is a dynamic telecoms company that's all about simplifying business connectivity through technology. 

Our latest project involved designing Plan's new headquarters on the beautiful Isle of Man. We wanted to create a space that matched their youthful and modern company culture with an open-plan layout. 

Before Plan moved in, they shared their vision with us: they wanted a fresh, vibrant atmosphere for their team. After some brainstorming, we decided to bring the outdoors in, taking inspiration from time travel, space, and sound. This theme worked perfectly with the building's glass walls and sea view.

We finished the first phase in time for Plan to move in by March 2023. We designed and curated 11 key spaces in the Isle of Man office. The ground floor welcomes employees with its open layout and curved walls. We made sure all the artwork flowed seamlessly and added some unique elements like our lucid perspex prints with neon ring lights and custom-made ceramic time capsules.

Moving up, our focus shifted to the two largest spaces in the office's heart. We created two striking water triptychs to emphasise the connection to nature. These triptychs, featuring water, were printed on wood panels, adorning the walls and transforming the space. We used various materials like printed aluminium panels, wooden sculptures, and perspex face mounts throughout the project. 

  • Location: Isle of Man
  • Number of spaces: 11 + 
  • Budget: £80,000 +
  • Mediums: Bespoke Art Commissions & Sculpture
  • Client: Telecoms