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Picture Perfect Pad

Posted on October 01 2014

Here's a new twist on the photo album for you. A selection of personalised blankets, canvases and diasec to add a personal touch to any room of the house. Whether you want a personalised quilt to remind you of special times through the bleak winter months, a canvas to remind you of a special day or a diasec to display your memories through a piece of art, our personalised photo gifts allow you to put your memories on display.

A personalised canvas brings you beautiful wall art to liven up any room in the house whereas our unique diasecs allow photographs to be mounted to a high exhibition standard eliminating the need for a traditional photo-frame, giving them a sleek and sophisticated look.


We can alter any image for you, eliminate red-eye, retouch or colour correct and if you like, we can add some special effects to your photographs. How about adding a vintage touch? or  a black and white effect?


If all your memories are stored away on your smart phone or your laptop, then look no further. It's the new way of cherishing photographs in the modern era.                                                                                   




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