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Summer Sun Blaring In? Check Out Our Wonderful Bespoke Blinds

Posted on June 24 2014

Take a good look at your blinds, because after you see this showcase it will be the last time you see them for only what are. Once you see what amazing things you can do with these oft overlooked components of every room, you’ll start seeing their real potential. Our high quality digital imprinted roller blinds can drastically alter the tone of a room. The results, friends, are astounding!

Our bespoke blinds are fully framed and custom fitted to your windows and, of course, your style. You don't have to sacrifice your window coverings to a drab beige or white any longer! Let your blinds express themselves and you’ll find that they have quite a lot to show you. Explore these creations, and get ready to be inspired!

Bespoke Blinds from 55MAX

Romantic Boudoir

Imagine this room without these blinds. See? You don't have to be satisfied with the traditional accoutrement. The glow of the nightstand lamps, an elegant set of sheets and pillows, even the hanging chandelier might feel lacking when set against your desire for a truly enhanced ambience. These women in the windows, this classy trio, they steal the show! They bring their own unique light into the room. Each of the women displayed in her own roller blind expresses a different personality and sense of individualism, and all of them bring an empowering essence into the space.

Our talented team of 55MAX Artists and Designers use the gifts of passion and creativity to turn a nicely adorned boudoir into an enriched and refined aesthetic experience. 55MAX bespoke dim-out roller blinds let in just enough light to make these black and white prints glow, and the 1930’s imagery perfectly frames this bedroom with a sense of glamour and a can do attitude. Day or night, they add their own sensational radiance to this intimate space and provide the room with a perfectly rich tone. 

Bespoke Roller Blinds from 55MAX


The corner bathtub in this house has never looked better! This stylish roller blind captures the atmosphere and turns the room into an experience all its own. The benefit of a little lighting from behind the roller blind truly enhances the magic of this expertly chosen image. Our brilliant team can bring pure magic into any space, large or small.

We’re here to help you bring your own unique magic into your own home. You can choose an image from the 55MAX archive or use one of your own, our team is happy to help you pick the right image for your space or to create something entirely new, just for you! Our professional measuring and installation crew will make sure that the setup is just what you desire. We’ll take care of everything. Want to bring the kind of ambience to a bath like that pictured here? No problem. We’ll leave you with nothing to do but step out of your clothes and into a new sense of fashion.

Bespoke Blinds from 55MAX

Vox Populi

This popular image by Vox Populi jumps of the wall! Its vivid colours and incredible lighting grab the viewer and shake them vigorously – It will not be ignored, and it’s perfect for adding a lightning strike of highlight to a room that would otherwise be characterized only by its utter simplicity and functionality. 55MAX took this tiny water closet and kicked it in the trousers!

Bring the avant-garde to any part of your life with complete confidence. As you can see here, the dramatic use of light exists throughout the image, working excellently with its surroundings. We make it easy to place artwork anywhere, and you just may end up wishing you had more windows upon which to make magic happen.

No matter the size or the number of blinds, 55MAX would love to help you transform your rooms into spaces that glimmer with all the right kinds of energy. What kind is right for you? Which space would you most like to enhance? Go take a fresh, new look through the 55MAX archive and let your imagination run wild! 

View our dedicated custom roller blinds page here for further details.


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