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5 Reasons to have Art in the Workplace

Posted on November 23 2015

We understand the importance of a great working environment, especially the interior decor. For years, millions of employees have been working in drab, uninteresting offices with painfully bare walls but fortunately times are changing! Business owners are beginning to realise the amazing benefits to decorating their workplaces with art.

Our Art Consultancy service is unprecedented - truly hassle free, an exceptional personal experience that caters for all budgets. From flooring and large statement art installations to carefully sourced or even custom designed Magnetic Write On wallpaper, 55MAX has everything you need for art in your office. To find out more, click here. But if your boss (or you) still need some persuading on why art is important in the workplace, hopefully this will persuade you! What company wouldn’t like happier staff, impressed clients and better communication? Exhibiting art in your workplace can deliver all of this and more.

5 Reasons to have Art in the Workplace

1. First impressions count

First impressions really do count so it’s crucial to make a positive impact when your customers enter your space. A piece of art can really affect a client's view of your business. Art can educate, enlighten and inspire visitors as well as convey a sense of class and refinement. Whether it’s through a piece that captures attention or conveys professionalism and calm, it shows that the managers of the office care about their clients enough to speak to them on some level through the medium of art. 

5 Reasons to have Art in the Workplace from 55MAX

2. Art Inspires creativity

Art can lead to more innovative ideas - It's that simple! It can inspire creative thinking and give everyone confidence that new ideas will be well received. Employees feel a greater sense of motivation and inspiration working in an office that visually illustrates innovation and creativity. Why? Most managers agree that it has to do with perceptions of value: art in the workplace suggests that the employer values creativity, and this encourages employees to be more innovate.

5 Reasons to have Art in the Workplace from 55MAX

3. It conveys a message

One of the most interesting trends in office art, is the use of art to communicate company values. Office decor speaks volumes about a company’s values and identity. Art can be something very simple or complex, depending on the employer’s outlook. For example, a company that wants to have a more family-oriented feeling might display something along the lines of a traditional painting, while a highly ambitious, fact-paced company could line their walls with a collage of intricately bold art.

5 Reasons to have Art in the Workplace from 55MAX

4. It spurs conversation

 People often connect with art because it conjures up memories. Art can spur unique conversation with clients and help them learn more about a company's background, goals and experience. When clients are able to let their guard down and reflect upon the environment within your workspace, the end result is often a better working relationship.

5 Reasons to have Art in the Workplace from 55MAX

5. It's cool

More so than ever, employers want to create a more exciting, fun work environment in order to bring out the best in their staff. Think of the Google offices for one! Bare white walls are so cold and dreary, while rooms and halls lined with interesting and thought provoking art makes an otherwise boring workspace come to life. 

5 Reasons to have Art in the Workplace from 55MAX





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