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Art for Property

Posted on September 11 2018

Using art as part of a marketing strategy for high-end homes is widespread across the globe but in London it has reached epic proportions, as developers seek to promote their wares in an increasingly competitive market.

Large Format Art Prints from 55MAX

Whilst art can take a number of forms, from sculpture to the sort of fine art found in galleries the alternative of affordable large format prints that we can offer from our huge selection is proving equally attractive.

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Property developers have to have a good measure of foresight when starting out on a new development. In the end the success comes down to the laws of supply and demand. For a while, amid the turmoil of the credit crunch and its aftermath, luxury property in global cities became an asset class of its own. Rich people, from all over the world, were looking for reasonably safe assets that would appreciate especially in London where they could have a reasonable amount of faith that their property would would be a good and safe bet.

Art Prints for Property Developers from 55MAX

Property developers responded and even now the number of new luxury housing units under construction in London is at an all time high. Developers with properties now coming onto the market face a more challenging landscape however as demand has begun to fall off. Prospective buyers have more choice than ever before. Canny property developers wanting to move properties off their books have recognised for some time the value of art when it comes to promoting their projects and increasingly approach us to make their properties appear to be both beautiful homes as well as a brilliant investment. Large scale, affordable prints, in beautiful frames can really make a difference.

Kitchen Art Prints from 55MAX
Our extensive collection of prints can be supplied at almost any size with a large range of frames to complement the architect's or interior designer's scheme and palette. We offer consultancy and advice and work closely with our clients to provide the ‘je ne said quoi’ that will catch the prospective buyer’s eye.


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