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Decor Do's and Don'ts

Posted on June 22 2015

There's no such thing as design "rules" as design is an art form that should be explored... However if you suspect your attempts at "mix and match" just look a mess or your furniture arrangements need a rearrangement, then this may help!

1. Don't push the furniture against the wall.

This is one of the most reported decorating faux pas of all time! When you push furniture up against the walls, it makes the whole room feel less intimate. You will have a much more interesting space if you allow breathing room around your pieces of furniture. Position the furniture away from the walls to create a warmer feel and flow. Trust us, you'll thank us for it later!

Decor Do's and Don'ts with 55MAX


2. Do pay attention to doors.

Get away from the standard 7-foot door. Wallpaper is a great way to decorate your walls, but have you ever thought about using it on your door? Let your imagination do the work. Be unique.

Decor Do's and Don'ts with 55MAX


3. Don't be too "matchy matchy".

Not everything in a room needs to match. You don't need to match textiles and furniture. Just look for something in common, such as a style or material. By all means subtly match colours which complement one another, but if everything in the room links back to your accent colour it can start to look a bit forced. Things will naturally go together because you like them. And just because a sofa, chair and table match, it doesn't mean you have to buy all of them. Choose an antique chair instead of the matching armchair or choose a traditional sofa in a bright colour. Show off your personal style and mix old and new pieces.

Decor Do's and Don'ts with 55MAX

4. Do bring the outside in. 

Bringing grass, stones and shells, plants and other outdoor items into your home as part of your decorating will invite the outdoors in.

Decor Do's and Don'ts with 55MAX

5. Don't choose a paint colour in the shop.

Paint colour can make or break the look of a room. If it's poorly matched, the result will be a disaster! If you choose a colour based on what you see in the store, chances are it won't look anything like it when you get it on your walls. Ask for samples so you can see what they look like at home - both in natural and artificial light. 

Decor Do's and Don'ts with 55MAX


6. Do place interesting art that expresses who you are around your home.

Art should be something you will enjoy having in your home every day so buy what YOU love! Not only that, it has the power to transform a space and it can become a great conversation starter! 

Decor Do's and Don'ts with 55MAX


7. Don't hang small pieces of art on large bare walls. 

The most common mistake people make is displaying artwork that is much too small for the area, too high or in the wrong place. True, there's nothing more depressing or empty looking than a blank wall but unless properly displayed, a piece of art or a mirror will lead to it being devoured by the surrounding empty space. When hanging artwork and mirrors, the pieces should be large enough to be noticed next to the feature that it's hanging above.

Decor Do's and Don'ts with 55MAX

8. Do Trust your instincts!

Be true to yourself and trust your instincts. We are all different and that's what makes us unique. 

9. Don't stress!

You should enjoy the process. Have fun and trust your instincts. 


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