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Posted on April 13 2015

A lot of people work in an office environment that is perhaps a little on the unimaginative side. At 55MAX we've helped transform office spaces from drab and dreary to bright and cheery - and what a difference it makes. Thankfully offices around the world are changing. Gone are the white walls and fluorescent lights and in its place are more unique working environments.

Thanks to corporations like Google, more businesses are accepting that creative work environments are uplifting and can help inspire and motivate their team. Not only that, in today's competitive market companies are relying more and more on a creative workforce in order to succeed. The workplace is often a reflection of the personality of a business so adding a personal touch to it can make all the difference. 

Office Envy here at 55MAXAmp and Vamp up your office with 55MAX

Are you thinking of updating your office? If you are then take a look at these incredible office spaces for a little inspiration!

Red Bull, London

Located in Soho, the Red Bull Offices in London are full of dynamic shapes and bright colours and even comes complete with a slide. Designed by Jump Studios, the offices occupy the top three floors of a 19th century building and mirror the many extreme sports the company sponsor. It's sleek, energetic and embodies the adrenalin pumped nature of the company and its products.

Red Bull in London Art work with 55MAX

Source: Jump Studios, Photography by Gareth Gardner

Skype, Stockholm, Sweden

Skype's offices in the München Brewery were created by architect Mette Larsson-Wedborn of PS Arkitektur. The aim was to express Skype brand's playful spirit in their working environment and this was achieved with the use of round shapes, fun light fixtures and bright colour furnishings. The rounded shapes of the furnishings and cloud designed lights also represent Skype's rounded font and cloud logo. The contemporary interior generates not only an eye-catching environment, but also an inspiring place to work.

Skype, Stockholm and Sweden Art work from 55MAX

Source: PS Arkitektur

Vodafone, Portugal 

This has to be one of the most unique office buildings in the world. The super modern building was designed by architects José António Barbosa and Pedro Guimarães of Barbosa Guimaraes architects and is a captivating design that speaks volumes. The architects took the Vodafone strap line "Life in Motion" and built a building which looks like it has fallen out of the sky and slammed onto earth, uneven and dishevelled. 

Vodafone in Portugal Art Work and 55MAX

Source: Barbosa Guimaraes architects

Selgas Cano, Madrid

This office located just outside of Madrid, is the ultimate relaxing working environment. Designed by Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano of Selgascano, it allows workers to feel as though they're working in a picturesque Spanish forest. The large windows look out at the forest views to create an atmosphere that's light and peaceful, and which aims to boost employee productivity. 

Selgas Cano in Madrid Art Work with 55MAX

 Source: Selgascano


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