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Are Restaurants Becoming the New Art Gallery?

Posted on March 09 2015

The connection between art and food has flourished, with many restaurants all over the world showcasing a vibrant and diverse art scene - from the Ivy in London to the Four Seasons in New York. In fact, Picasso was known to paint for his dinners so it comes as no surprise that a big trend in art today has to do with eating. These days you don't have to go to a museum to see excellent art, as there's now a considerable amount of restaurants that are morphing into art galleries. At 55MAX we have had the privilege of working with the hospitality industry, helping selecting artwork to suit a restaurant's personality, character and atmosphere. 

Here's a look at some other restaurants from around the world, that double up as art galleries.

Four Seasons, New York

With its soaring ceilings, marble pool, and magnificent dining rooms, the Four Seasons is one of the most elegant restaurants in the world, and with it comes an interesting mix of art. The most famous display piece was a tapestry from Picasso, which was a stage curtain from a 1919 French production of the ballet "Le Tricone". However in September 2014 it was removed and is now displayed at the New York Historical Society. Over the years there has also been artwork from the likes of Andy Warhol, Joán Miró and Frank Stella and in the lobby there are four paintings for sale by the American artist Nancy Hull Kearing. 

Four Seasons in New York with 55MAX

The Restaurant at Eight, Vienna

The Restaurant at Eight is part of The Ring Hotel in Vienna and it dazzles diners with pop art inspired Marilyn Monroe works.

The Restaurant at 8 in Vienna with 55MAX

Sketch, London

Sketch hosts an unusual creative collection. Downstairs is the most experimental area, with multichannel video installations by emerging artists. Not only that, the gallery space hosts an array of contemporary art exhibitions.

 Tru, Chicago

With it's white walls, high ceilings and pin spot lighting, you would be forgiven for thinking Tru restaurant was an art gallery. It's home to some of the 20th Century's biggest names in art, including collections from Warhol's icnoic Marilyn silkscreens, alongside pieces by German visual artist Gerhard Richter, American geometric painter Peter Halley, Brazilian visual artist Vik Muniz and others.

What the Tru Restaurant looked like


Maxim's, Paris

Maxim's is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau, brimming with original murals, stained glass, oil paintings, ornate carvings and architectural details from the period. Art Nouveau is a mixture of baroque and Japanese influencers and the decor of Maxim's restaurant is a unique combination of styles and periods. The restaurant's owner, Pierre Cardin, a clothes designer, has collected objects from the Art Nouveau period for more than half a century and there's now more than 550 works from the Belle Epoch, with art from American Art Nouveau decorative artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, French glass artist Émile Gallé, French potter Clément Massier and more. Because of its history and its uniqueness, Maxim’s inspired a number of artists and was the setting of many stories, movies and plays. In the 50s, Leslie Caron and Maurice Chevalier shot Gigi by Vincente Minelli, in which one of the memorable scenes takes place in the great dining room of the famous restaurant.

Maxim's Restaurant in Paris, France, with 55MAX









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