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8 Reasons to Buy a Painting

Posted on February 22 2016

Subject matter, colour and composition are the three most important factors influencing people buying paintings according to Making A Mark Poll.

There’s no doubt that buying prints and posters is a good way of injecting some art into your home, but a lot can also be said for buying a one of a kind painting.

Chances are that you have more than one piece of ‘decor’ that you’re not completely in love with anymore - so why not replace it with a painting? Something of real value, beauty and interest.

1. Paintings are inspiring

Money can’t buy happiness, but a great painting can generate feelings of happiness, calm, nostalgia, remembrance, joy, and more every time you look at it in your home. Looking at a painting you love is refreshing - It doesn’t even need to match your decor, it simply needs to speak to you.

Paintings are inspiring, especially with 55MX

2. Paintings make a house feel like a home

Simply pulling out your paintings and putting them up can make any space, no matter where you are, feel like home — even more so if you happen to have paintings handed down to you from your parents or grandparents.

Paintings make a house feel like home with 55MAX

3. Paintings can make the room

A painting makes a great focal point of a room. Whether your artistic taste runs to the bold and graphic or to vintage landscapes, the painting you choose is bound to have a big impact on your space and can ultimately bring that wow factor to a room.

Paintings can make the room with 55MAX

4. Paintings can be a good investment

From a purely financial standpoint, a good painting could appreciate in value over time as the artist’s standing and reputation grows. How much the painting appreciates depends on the level of accomplishment the artist achieves. But even if it only appreciates a little, it’s still a better investment than a lot of other things, which often requires repeated replacement or constant consumption.

Paintings can be a great investment with 55MAX

5. Paintings are handmade

Just like pottery and handcrafted furniture, paintings show the hand of their maker - and it’s this quality that helps brings richness and personality to your home.

Paintings are hand made from 55MAX

7. Paintings give you the opportunity to create your own art gallery

Will you find yourself drawn to pastels, portraits, still lifes or landscapes or all four? Let’s face it, being the curator of your own personal art gallery is a really fun job. Why not start with a central dominant image and then radiate other pieces outwards and upwards around the central piece?

Paintings allow you to create your own art gallery with 55MAX

8. Paintings are perfect if you are renting a property

If you rent, it can be difficult to personalise your space when you’re not allowed to paint the walls or make certain other changes. Nightmare! But hang a painting or two, and the space instantly feels more you. And unlike bulky pieces of furniture, a painting will fit in any home you live in, making it a wiser investment if you move frequently.

Paintings are perfect when renting properties with 55MAX


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