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How to pick art for your home

Posted on July 10 2015

When decorating your home, finding pieces of artwork that you love, that are special and unique, is what differentiates your space from anyone else's in the whole entire world! Your interior is an expression of yourself. It should be personal, and something that you absolutely love. The key to successfully investing in art lies in figuring out what kind of art you actually like and deciding how it will fit in with the rest of your home. Sounds simple enough, right? 

Be Open to Different Mediums. 

Why always pick a canvas? Find the type of art that will work best for your space.  Paintings will add colour, sculptures will add depth, and mixed pieces add texture to a room. Photography is another valuable medium that can make a pretty strong statement, both in terms of meaning/emotions and in terms of decoration, or what about a vintage-style poster? Find which medium will have the greatest impact on enhancing your room’s decor.

How to pick art for your home from 55MAX

See What’s Out There. 

Get out and see the art being exhibited in your area. Get online and find some local exhibitions and events to go to. It's easy to find a lot of great local artists and artwork. Also pay attention to artwork on display in your local cafe or restaurant for a little added inspiration!

Don’t let the architectural style of your home dictate the art you buy. 

If you live in  a Victorian home and want to blend your modern taste with classic architecture, do it! Contemporary art can make a real statement in a traditional home (and vice versa). Mix antique and modern and be bold! When an antique piece of furniture sits with a striking modern painting, it just works!

Select the most important and visible walls in your home.

You don't need to hang something on every wall. Give your artwork room to shine by leaving some walls blank. And don’t be afraid to use the entire wall - many people think they can’t handle a big piece of art when they can.

How to pick art for your home from 55MAX

Find something beautiful in black and white. There is something about black and white artwork that means it can work just about anywhere and it adds a sense of authenticity. 

How to pick art for your home from 55MAX

Go online to find originals. 

Why not check out our large collection of original Playboy covers dating all the way back to 1957. As one of the worlds best known brands, the magazine is well known for it's art inspired covers of the 1950's, 60's and 70's. These iconic playboy covers offer some stunning pictorials and give you the opportunity to own a piece of the Playboy history. Or why not take a look at our huge collection of original vintage art posters from the past decade. Here you will find famous art work from the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Victor Vasarely to name a few. 

How to pick art for your home from 55MAX How to pick art for your home from 55MAX

 Hang it right.

Make sure the artwork is hung at the correct height. Try following the art gallery standard, which means the centre of the painting should be about 60 inches from the floor. When hanging a pair of works, one above the other, treat them as one large picture (whether they're the same or different sizes). Find the centre point between them, and use the same 60-inch rule. When arranging multiple pieces, don't just think in terms of a grid. There's no right or wrong way to do it, just start in the middle and work your way out. 

How to pick art for your home from 55MAX

Trust your instinct. 

If you love it, buy it! You will always find a space on your walls for something you love. Once it’s in your home you will look at it every day, so make sure YOU love it! Art doesn't just enhance the appearance of the room, it brings life and dimension to a space and makes it more interesting for everyone that steps in it!



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