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Swinging Sixties - Affordable Art Ideas

Posted on October 12 2018

A look at 55Max's Swinging Sixties affordable art ideas.

Is it surprising that despite the infatuation with today's celebrities, that the classic images of celebrities from the swinging sixties are still so popular?

In the sixties the worlds of film, fashion and music collided for the first time. A photographer would shoot a model, then the photographer and model fell in love. They were seen socialising with leading music and film celebrities and became well known as a result. 

Probably the most famous photographer at the time was David Bailey. He dated the first ‘supermodel,’ Jean Shrimpton (The IT Girl). He then married the actress Catherine Deneuve. He was also mates with Mick Jagger. He also took many of the era-defining images. Thanks to photographers like Bailey, Brian Duffy and Terence Donovan the sixties are still considered cool. Classic music and classic films, are admired. Some have been revived. Some are still providing inspiration today. Many of the sixties celebrities are still around. Some are still working and making regular appearances on talk shows. All of them provide wonderful and affordable art ideas for us to follow.

Bardot Smoking - Affordable Art - from 55MAX

Bailey’s work stands out. He photographed bands like The Who, the Beatles and the Stones, actors such as Michael Caine and Mia Farrow, and turned fashion photography on its head. Still at work today Bailey is still very much in demand. The photographers of the swinging sixties were a breath of fresh air, bringing glamour as well as new ideas and enormous energy to photography. They helped shape the image of London in the 1960s  where fun and sex could be had and where dreams could come true. 

Here at 55Max we have access to many different libraries and feature some of the iconic shots of sixties personalities in our affordable art ideas. Bardot, TwiggyCaine, Connery, McQueen and Andress are all here together with iconic shots by Slim Aarons and many others. Our images are from the very best photographers and artists worldwide and executed to the highest standards. If you want to create a certain mood or are looking for something iconic please get in touch.


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