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Choosing the right frame for the right art

Posted on July 22 2015

What many people don't realise is that they can spend hours, days or even weeks deciding on a piece of art but when it comes to choosing the frame? Well that's done in minutes. But surely it would be better to have a work of art unframed than put a piece of art in the wrong frame? The best frames are an extension of the art they surround, but how do you decide on one? You let 55MAX help, that's how!

So where do you start? You start with the art. What you’re framing is the first thing to consider. What is the medium? An autographed photo? A football shirt? A canvas? They all have a different feel.

Is it a colourful piece you want to tone down or a neutral piece you want to make bolder? 

When choosing a frame, the other big thing to consider is where you’re putting it. In some rooms, any style of frame will suit but for other, for example, in a modern room, using an ornate frame (or vice versa) can create a cool, diverse feel. Also consider the wall. What colour is it? The frame needs to work not only with the art, but also with the wall surrounding it.

Where not to hang a piece of art? 

Avoid direct sunlight and try to avoid hanging above radiators as they can cause paper and wood to warp and dry out, and, ultimately, the glue to fail. The same goes for fireplaces.

Frame options range from modern to traditional and simple to ornate. Sometimes even having no frame works best! For example, framing for canvas-wrapped paintings is completely optional as the canvas itself is wrapped around a sturdy wooden frame. 


Strong, modern artwork and photography can handle bold shapes and frame finishes. Dramatic pictures on canvas really suit extra deep frames or floater frames. Canvas floater frames have bars in the back to which the artwork attaches instead of sliding into a typical frame. This makes the artwork look like it's “floating” inside the frame without touching it. Just like this one below:

Perspex box frames use a display case concept which showcases your artwork in a minimalist way, allowing your artwork to take centre stage, whilst at the same time complimenting the art. The good thing about perspex boxes is that they can show the whole artwork, front and back, so there's a sort of honesty about it. You can also use them to elevate objects, just like something you'd see at a museum. 

Plastic, shiny metal or polished aluminium frames work well with contemporary prints and modern photographs.  


Many pieces of art look great when framed in a moulding style that's unexpected. Some types of contemporary art look good in a traditional or rustic frame, just like this one here. Sometimes the unexpected can really show off a piece of art at its best.

And lastly, just have fun with it! Play around with proportions by varying the size of your frames and make a statement!

Of course, there are no hard rules for choosing the right frame. Everyone has different taste and different needs when it comes to presentation. The perfect frame for one might not work at all for another. But by keeping these options in mind, finding the right frame for your artwork will be a breeze. Find a frame that you feel does a great job of accentuating the artwork and it will work!

For our full range of frames, click here. Each of our frames are hand made, to your exact specification – we can make any frame, in almost any size. We have framed art from 15cm – 300cm and everything in between.


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