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Bespoke Vinyls for Magazines to Restaurants

Posted on June 12 2014

Welcome to our June showcase! We’re back to show off more of the fantastic work done by our fantastic team of artists and designers. Today, we’re going to talk about vinyl. Vinyl’s not only great at playing musical recordings and making catchy dresses, as it’s also the perfect way to create an imaginative interior space. Here, let us show you what can do with a room of any sort, a bit of inspiration and, of course, vinyl.

Bespoke Vinyls for Magazines to Restaurants from 55MAX


Look at this magnificent room. Now, look again. Do you see, there, above the chandelier? That magnificently crafted cornice is indeed a work of art. Moreso than you’ll see at first glance. What you see here is vinyl and Tomph L’Oeil doing some pretty amazing things to the look and feel of this room. From the Baroque period to the digital age, you’ve probably seen this art form used more than you think!

This bespoke vinyl ceiling cornice is deceptive in all the right ways. Vinyl’s adaptability and durability make it the ideal medium for this this type of custom work, and the incredible use of perfectly placed shadows in this piece give it a realism and depth that bring a majestic air to the whole room. This is just one example of the potential for the combination of Tomph L’Oliel and vinyl. Think of others, be inspired, and let us help make them (deceptively) real!

Bespoke Vinyls for Magazines to Restaurants from 55MAX


From gorgeous illusion to simply gorgeous, have a look at this magnificent window vinyl created by 55MAX for a feature in Coast Magazine. Vinyl is ideal for this sort of work, where a depth and durability make it the clear choice over any other medium in which you could create such a display. Do we wish the view were actually what we see when we look out of windows? Of course we do. Is this the best possible replacement? Quite. If only we could replicate the smell of the breeze coming in over shore, the recreation would be complete.

Adding a touch like this to a room in your own room is miraculously simple. What do you want to see out of your window? Where do you want to go, and be? It can be anywhere, and doesn’t even have to be a real place! All you need is a window and your imagination, 55MAX can do the rest.

Bespoke Vinyls for Magazines to Restaurants from 55MAX


The perfect example of what we’ve been saying throughout – the durability of vinyl is one of its greatest features when it comes to bespoke creations. Our laminated vinyl is shown here on functional partition doors; however, its possible applications abound. The fact that won’t peel or scratch while covering partition doors that freely open and close is a fact that simply cannot be ignored.

Paint can scratch, and that’s very likely to happen quickly in a setting such as this, where it will be subject to regular use. Paint can fade, too. The vivid background used on this laminated vinyl would simply not hold up to the test of time like our laminated vinyl will. This picture is an excellent demonstration of how our forward-thinking team of artists and designers can help you create the best possible décor for your space.

Have some ideas yet? We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to think about what you can do with your own spaces! Now take that inspiration and get in touch, the 55MAX team will love to help with the rest!


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