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Get Creative with Wallpaper

Posted on June 12 2015

The popularity of patterned and textured wallpaper has exploded. Plain white walls are gone and in their place are walls full of colour and excitement. Decorating your home with wallpaper has always been a traditional, fail safe option but now more people are pushing the boundaries with it, thinking outside the box and looking beyond it's traditional value. Bold use of patterned wallpaper does require a bit of confidence. But we've all got a bit of that, haven't we?

Wallpaper is a brilliant aspect of interior design because it can be used in so many different ways. It has the ability to add texture and depth to a room, brighten it and even enlarge it. You can even use it on your ceiling for a real wow factor. 

Wallpaper is never boring and that's why we love it at 55MAX.

Whether you’re planning on redecorating a room or have a roll or two spare, check out these creative ways you can transform your dreary white/ beige walls:

1. Make a focal point

You can really change the mood of a room by using wallpaper on just one of the walls. A carefully chosen wallpaper can pull together the theme of a room and allows furniture to be displayed to their best advantage. Use something with a strong pattern, colour or texture to really add focus. It's the perfect way to stamp your personality in a room. 

Get Creative with a focal point with Wallpaper from 55MAX

2. Create a theme

Use wallpaper to create the theme of a room. Of all the rooms in a family house, the children’s room can be, by far, the most fun to decorate. Choosing a theme can provide endless fun and laughter. Check out this bespoke comic wallpaper for some inspiration:

Create a theme with your wallpaper with 55MAX

3. Wallpaper the ceiling

Most people wouldn't dream of putting wallpaper on the ceiling. However, a magnificent ceiling provides a unique sense of style for a room. We love this map wallpaper we did for a pub - It's a great example of how wallpaper can look great on a ceiling - and you even go one step further and use it on the floor. 

Wallpaper the ceiling with 55MAX


4. Go Metallic 

Whether you want to add a modern twist to a vintage style or create an up-to-date contemporary look, metallic effect wallpaper can really enhance a room. Metallic wallpapers radiate luxury - see for yourself!

Go metallic with your wallpaper with 55MAX

5. Doodle it

Doodle write-on wallpaper turns your walls into a giant sketch book! Maybe not for the living room but perfect for offices, schools, and children's playrooms. You can doodle all over the walls with dry-wipe markers and wipe off again thanks to a special laminate coating. Check out this write on wallpaper created for a kids room:


Doodle on your wallpaper with 55MAX

Has this inspired you? To see the whole range of wallpaper 55MAX have to offer, click here.


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