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Transforming Airports into Fully Functional Works of Art

Posted on October 08 2015

Have any of you ever been to Jordan airport? 55MAX sourced this vintage aviation image and the in-house design team adjusted the artwork to fit the clients brief. It was then printed onto large scale waterproof wallpaper for the Jordan Airport restaurant area.




In recent years airports have picked some of the world's best architects and designers to transform their busiest airports into fully functional works of art and this has resulted in transforming the whole passenger experience. Big, bold, beautiful, weird, futuristic and fun - here are some of the worlds best airport interiors. 

The Rock at Wellington Airport

New Zealand

While most architects tend to focus on airiness and light when designing airports, the one who created "The Rock" made a deliberate decision to buck that trend. It's safe to say The Rock offers a travellers experience unlike any other airport terminal in the world. The dramatic design is contrast to the bland terminals that typically fit most airports and the inspiration for the design lies in the geological, historical and mythological past of Wellington’s south coast. 

Photo by Kristina D.C Hoeppner, The Rock at Wellington airport CC BY


Changi Airport, Terminal 3


Opened in 2008, Changi Airport's terminal 3 is one of the most action packed airports, with a playground and even a cinema! One of the terminal's most spectacular features has to be its overhead light system, otherwise known as the "butterfly" roof, which consists of 919 glass skylights and corresponding reflector panels. During the day, the panels limit the amount of direct sunlight entereing the space and at night these skylights glow, making it one of the most beautiful airport terminals in the world. 

 Photo by Christian JunkerTerminal 3 | Singapore (Changi) Airport / CC BY


Barajas Airport, Terminal 4


Built in 2006, Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport was designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers to provide people with an airy, stress free zone. The glass panelled walls allow plenty of light and the inside of the roof is covered with bamboo. 

 Photo by Anh Dinh, Madrid- Barajas Airport / CC BY


Marrakech Menara Airport


 The Marrakech Menara Airport gives the world a modern vision of Moroccan architecture. The sun shines through the scrolling patterns to creates a play of light and shadow throughout the terminal, giving a feeling of contact between the inside and out and mimics the designs of mosaics found in traditional Islamic architecture.

 Photo by Calflier001 Marrakech Menara Airport/ CC BY



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