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Value Range... just in time for Christmas!

Posted on December 06 2018

Christmas is coming and we are all frantic at work putting those last project actions to bed before the 21st of December, which is when we all finish work ...right?

Then there are the Office parties, drinks evenings and the Secret Santa shenanigans. Oh and lest we forget there are presents to buy for families and friends and plans to finalise for our own Christmases at home. Busy times and the debit and credit cards are beginning to suffer too.

At 55MAX we know that budgets can be are extremely tight but you still need to buy artwork to complete your project or to buy that last-minute present for a special person in your life. We have curated a value collection especially with budgets in mind. The artwork is still high quality, chic and cool but without the big price tag. 

Red Swirl Art Print from 55MAX

Take a look around, there’s a lot to see, and something for everyone from abstract blue and red swirl artwork to stunning black and white art photography. Need something for the kids? Try one of our classic Robot or Rocket prints. 

If it’s glamour you’re after, we have that covered too.

Glamour Girl Art Print from 55MAX

...or maybe you simply want to declare your love, with an amorous message.

Love You Art Print from 55MAX

Nothing is really more spectacular than an image of our fast-shrinking natural world be it on land or in the marine environment under water or on the beach.

Elephant and Zebra Art Print from 55MAX

So there you have it, a value collection specially curated to deliver stunning art prints to complete your interior or simply to give a loved one for Christmas. Don’t forget we have stunning range of frames to choose from and there are still enough days before Christmas. Get to it!


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