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What's in store for 2015?

Posted on December 22 2014

With the New Year just around the corner, it's the perfect time to look forward to the colours, fabrics and trends that will define interior design over the next 12 months. How will you revamp your home for 2015? 

The new trends will include exotic motifs, artistic details and a surprising blend of textures. All of this will be merged with classic, retro and contemporary design ideas. Modern interior design is becoming more elegant and sophisticated whilst showing more individuality and creativity than ever before and unique character will become even more important when it comes to decorating your home in 2015.

Mediterranean Blue

The bright, warm, clear blue of the Mediterranean and the colour of the roofs, shutters and doors of many houses on the Greek Islands is set to be a massive colour for 2015. It's a fabulous, rich colour that brings a sense of calm and peace to any room - pair it with grey or pink for a softer look or combine it with bright, fresh greens for a bolder statement. It's an intense colour so it can be used in small doses to call attention to certain interesting areas or features of your home. However if you love colourful interiors but are nervous about taking the leap, try limiting the colour to just one wall. Create a focal point in the room and then design and decorate around it.



Clashing Bold Colour

Colour blocking, clashing, and print-mixing are going nowhere in 2015. By spring/summer next year everything will be much more vivid and an array of new, bright tones are set to take over every inch of your home. There will be no need to think too much about what colours go with what as it's all about clashing primary shades and making a statement. While green and blue are set to be a key combination, others include fuchsia and orange and red and yellow. Experiment with large blocks of colour on walls or for those that are less extrovert, add a splash of bold colour to a room with cushions and accessories.



60's colours were big on the 2015 runways this year but how do you incorporate that into your home without it looking like it's a room that's been forgotten about? Well the key is to find updated, modern takes on the retro prints. Cover a wall with a retro- inspired wallpaper or use shades like olive and orange to achieve that retro vibe in any room. Look out for retro furniture too - when accompanied with a modern design it can make a room really special. It will be all about mixing old, reclaimed antiques and vintage pieces with new modern decor to create interesting and stylish rooms.



Expect to see lots of burnished gold and bronze finishings and accessories in the coming year - great for adding a sense of luxury to any room. We've seen a lot of chrome over the last few years but it's now being replaced with gold, brass and antique finishes. Gold was especially popular in the 1980s, but it's good to see the current trend is back. Wallpaper, furniture and decorative elements with a golden glow are particularly striking and timeless. 



Say good-bye to the plain white walls as wallpaper is coming back in a big way. Wallpapers with metallic finishes, floral and geometric prints, texture and faux finishes are all set to be big for 2015. Metallic wallpaper can also be used to make a room appear brighter as the reflective tones will bounce light throughout the space, whereas wallpaper with a faux finish is great for adding depth to your walls. Predictions are that next year we'll also be seeing wallpaper used in different ways, like on ceilings, to create a real statement. 







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