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Bringing the Outside In.

Posted on May 21 2015

The Chelsea Flower show is in full swing and more so than ever these gardens are becoming incredible works of art, inspired by some of the world's greatest. 

Take Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands for instance. With it's striking floral displays planted in endless varieties, it showcase a beautiful work of art. Keukenhof is unique, world famous and is home to 7 million tulips. Keukenhof not only provides a superb backdrop for its 7 million tulips, its also an excellent location for sculptures and other works of art, giving it an added dimension. Every Spring, artists arrive here to display their work in the park.

Bringing the Outside In with 55MAX

Image credits:  Keukenhof park - Holland  Patrick Mayon CC/ BY

Then there's the Versailles Gardens in France, which is arguably one of the most famous gardens in the world. It was built for Louis XIV, was designed by Andre Le Notre between 1661 and 1700 and showcases some of the worlds most impressive features including famous fountains and ornaments. 

Bringing the Outside In with 55MAX

Image credits: Versailles 2014 Daniel Stockman CC/BY

Inspired much? 

Maybe you live in an apartment or you live in London where garden space is virtually non-existent... or maybe you just love the outdoors - Whatever your reason, bringing the outdoors in can be done! There once was a time when we were limited to flower arrangements and dodgy shell displays to try and incorporate the natural outdoor beauty in-doors but not anymore! Now we can quite literally bring the outside in. 

There is no shortage of interiors that incorporate the natural beauty of the outside within the walls of the home. Just check out some of our amazing projects for a bit of inspiration. 

Bringing the outside in is a huge trend this summer and luckily there are countless ways to bring the natural world inside your home. Whether it's nature inspired wallpaper or an indoor water fountain, have fun with it! Start by choosing an outdoor theme you want to echo - whether that's a beach, garden, sunset or forest; choose your colour scheme, decide on some natural textures and then quite literally bring the outside in by using items from nature as accents. Look around you - at the ground, the trees, the plants - and get inspired. 

We all like to make the most out of the British summer time don't we? But British weather? Well it's a bit unpredictable to say the least, so bringing the outside in might just be the answer!

Bringing the Outside In with 55MAX

Raddison Blu Hotel, Wallpaper 

Bringing the Outside In with 55MAX

Private Residence - Calming Seascape Wallpaper

Bringing the Outside In with 55MAX

Centre Parcs UK - Custom Printed Wallpaper



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