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Posted on April 20 2015

Are you thinking about revamping your bathroom? Or do you feel like your bathroom could use a little something extra, but not quite sure what's missing?

Since these rooms seem to be tucked away, it's easy to neglect them and focus on more visible parts of your house. But with art, the bathroom can often be one of the easiest rooms to update. Don't believe us? Just take a look for yourself at some of the bathrooms 55MAX have worked on. Today's bathrooms are more individualised, where art, decor and even furniture are the focus instead of fixtures. 





Using art is a great way to inject some personality to a bathroom but it's important to remember that it needs to be durable in moist environments. One of the main concerns people have when placing art in the bathroom is the effect water will have on it. Bathrooms create excessive steam and condensation in a room that's generally not extremely ventilated, and over time this can affect the artwork you place in a bathroom. Try to stick to hardier items like acrylics on canvas, gallery wrapped giclee prints, metal or acrylic on wood.

Other tips for a better bathroom:

  • Modernise with a splash of colour - whether you want to paint the walls or hang some artwork, adding a splash of colour can make all the difference and it is an easy way to update your bathroom without having to make any other big changes. 

  • Incorporate elaborate mouldings or panelling, or a Baroque- inspired accent mirror to update a contemporary bathroom.

  • Restore classic amenities - Whether it's a classic claw bath tub, or traditional taps, there are lots of restoration techniques you can use to restore your bathroom amenities.

  • Lighten up - even a great bathroom can feel drab and depressing when the lighting isn't right. Add mirrors and bright, large pictures to reflect existing light around the room. 

  • Update your bathroom accessories - some of you may not have a lot of wall space for art so one of the easiest ways to update your bathroom is to invest in a new bathroom set - whether it's a toothbrush holder, a towel or a shower curtain - these are all ways to add some colour and texture to your bathroom.

  • Get a luxurious look with dark finished gold bathroom fixtures, like faucets.







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