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Beautiful Earth

Posted on April 21 2014

Welcome to the second edition of our two-part April showcase! We have more gorgeous wallpapers to show you, and we’re sure that you’ll like them just as much as we do. In keeping with our springtime theme, we’re zooming in on the beautiful Earth that we showcased last time. Nature is today’s theme, and you’ll be amazed at what it can do for your spaces.

Designing spaces with natural themes is appealing for a number of reasons. Bringing the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors into your home allows sublime atmospheres to emerge, and using the right wallpapers can bring your themes to new levels of immersion. Transport yourself to the crisp, earthy air of picturesque places with the wallpapers featured here.

Beautiful Earth Affordable Art Work from 55MAX





Centre Parks – Forest Wallpaper

This gorgeous depiction of a woodland scene features every element that one could wish in such a wallpaper. It's filled with tall trees that let the perfect amount of light filter through, supporting the emerging undergrowth and allowing a bed of grass to flourish on the forest floor. The image is full enough to make a great background for a room, yet not so dense as to obscure the beauty of the individual elements.

Its angle and dimensions make it truly stand out as an ideal image for use as wallpaper. True-to-life dimensions allow it to act as more of a window than an image. The straightforward, eye-level angle truly enhances its reality. The small opening in the forest adds even more authenticity, as the room could well be placed in this area of these woods.

This wallpaper would be a fantastic choice for a family room, a study, or a bedroom. As in the space shown here, using well-placed furniture to hide the transition from floor to wall will help form an illusion of reality. Matching that furniture with the subdued (yet lovely) colors of the wallpaper also works well to that end.

Beautiful Earth Affordable Art Work from 55MAX

Private Residence – Forest Wallpaper

The vibrant autumnal scene in this image has a superb feel, with the glowing leaves radiating a warmth that belies the chill of the season. While the grass may have a seasonal, cool crispness, its brightness works with the brilliant leaves to warm the entire image. Altogether, the combination creates an overall image that works excellently as a wallpaper – brilliant and beautiful, yet calm and restrained.

The layout of the scenery also works perfectly as a wallpaper. The few trees in the foreground lend an openness to the image, and the gradual transition to a dense stand in the background adds depth and fullness to the piece as a whole. 

Created for use in the luxury spa of a private residence, it can work to add an open feel in any place you choose to use it. Rooms in your own home with showers or baths would be great places to use this scene, but it would work equally well in your kitchen.


Private Residence – Jetty Wallpaper

This wallpaper makes excellent use of perspective to draw the viewer’s eyes towards bright, wide open spaces. The background blends water and sky with light, and it’s difficult to determine where the horizon exists. The horizon doesn’t matter, though, as vastness and the openness are main concerns here. The expanse of the water reflects the expanse of the sky, their only division washed out in a unifying glow.

The jetty, long and weathered, leads to the single point of a person standing amidst that vast space. It is a contemplative piece, and as time passes while it lives in your home, its particular meaning to you at any given point is subject to change. For as long as you own it, you will never grow tired of it.

This wallpaper is fully waterproof, and its use in a private bathroom takes full advantage of that fact. Whether you wish to gaze on it as you soak in the bath, or simply see it every day as you wash, your own private bathroom is a great place to feature this still and peaceful scene.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the second installment of our two-part April showcase! Remember, the bold use of the right wallpapers can transform entire rooms. It can turn simple blocks of walled-off spaces into distinctive environments with their own unique atmospheres, and give special new meaning to everything else that the rooms contain.



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