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Bold Wallpapers for Your Home

Posted on April 07 2014

Welcome to the first edition of our special, two-part April showcase! The days grow longer as summer approaches, and the lengthening sunlight on our walls has inspired us to show off some of the bold presentations that our talented team has brought to the walls of some favorite clients.

The vitality of the season has put springs in our shoes, and they make us feel like leaping across continents. In that light, the theme of this first showcase is nothing less than the adventure that is planet Earth. We invite you to have a look. To be inspired. To feel emboldened. These fantastic creations are available to you as well!

Bold Wallpapers for Your Home from 55MAX

Geronimo Inns Restaurant – Wallpaper

What better way to cover the expanse of a ceiling than with the stylized expanse of Earth? The look is intricate, formal, and awesome in the awe-inspiring sort of way. The wide trim surrounding the ceiling consists of elaborate cartographical designs that transform the space into a gorgeous and immersive antique map.

The combined effect of the ceiling and trim creates a unique atmosphere that upgrades the tone of the room, turning a simply formal feeling into an expertly sophisticated ambience. While there’s not a leather-bound tome in sight, it exudes the quality of a scholar’s natural habitat. Even the dimensions of the wallpaper are academically ideal, using the chandeliers that hang from the centers of Earth to cast light on its distant corners.

This wallpaper would go excellently in your own dining room. You’d better be good conversation, though, lest your guests strain their necks as they look to appreciate this beautiful wallpaper. Studies, dens, and personal libraries would also be perfectly suited homes for this look.

Bold Wallpapers for Your Home from 55MAX

Jordan Airport – Wallpaper

There’s nothing like the ambience of an airport. The excitement of travel intermixed with the transitory nature of everyone’s presence creates a barely electric buzz in the air. Here, that feeling is captured and reflected. The life-sized image uses the context of the space to further enhance its depth, creating a dramatic expression of motion.

The image also elicits a whirl of nostalgia. The vintage appeal of its style contributes to its truly historic value. It’s a look back to the beginnings of air travel’s golden age, as grand inventions launched us towards a smaller world. A bygone era with martinis and cigarettes served on every flight.

This wallpaper is much more than an image of an airplane, it’s a symbol of adventure and of flights over boundaries. It’s reminiscent, and it’s inspiring. As such, this evocative image would enhance a variety of different spaces.

For example, this wallpaper would feel right at home adorning a room in an office building, or your office within one. Powerful if placed behind your desk, yet inspiring on the wall opposite. The focused energy of this wallpaper would also be well suited to your office at home. For a bold tone in the right kitchen, it would even do well on a wall beside your breakfast table.

Bold Wallpapers for Your Home from 55MAX

Private Residence – World Map – Wallpaper

A great many adults are afflicted with geographic ignorance. Most of us simply don’t know the world’s geography as well as we probably should. Perhaps things would be different if we’d all grown up with this colorful wallpaper in our bedrooms.

Educational as it may be (and it most certainly is), there’s more to this wallpaper. Awakening each day to see the southern hemisphere before your eyes will inspire wonder. Wonder inspires adventure, and adventure inspires even more wonder. It’s important to encourage children to wonder. When it’s properly nurtured, that wonder can last a lifetime.

Use this wallpaper in a child’s bedroom to literally lay the world before them. Create a window to the Earth through which they can gaze. Even putting all of that wonder and adventure aside, the aesthetic value is grand. The colors of this map are bright enough to affect the whole room, yet subtle so as not to take it over. The well-made layers of contrast also work to create an engaging depth.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first half of our two-part April showcase, and we hope that the work of our amazing Artists and Designers inspires you as it does us. Walls don’t have to be limitations – used properly, those walls can turn into doorways that invite entire worlds into spaces that would otherwise just be rooms.

Aesthetically pleasing and decoratively bold, wallpapers can be anything you want them to be. Be inspired! Browse our imagery and let us know how we can help you bring it into your own home.


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